Red Dot Technologies

Red Dot Technologies Limited including

  • Rafiki Protection Limited
  • Santana Solutions Limited
  • Rafiki Protection Limited is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of Fire detection and alarm equipment. Based in Cwmbran, South Wales, the company employs 70 staff at its 26000 sq ft production facility with a further 15 at a new R&D base in Pune, India.

    Formed in 1997, the company has enjoyed rapid growth both in the UK and international markets culminating in a 40% increase in global sales last year. The business has a turnover of £4M and is set to maintain this growth through the introduction of innovative market driven, new product introductions.

    So why did Rafiki Protection need the services of management consultants - The Rockfield Partnership Limited? There were a number of issues which needed to be addressed in order to maintain the growth. These included

  • Effective management structure was required
  • The business needed a cohesive development strategy with an emphasis on brand and product marketing
  • Development of IT systems and staff
  • Put simply, the business growth was placing strains upon the existing management team and was highlighting typical small business evolutionary issues.

    The project to assist RPL started in June 2006 and initially focussed upon an analysis of the business’ strengths and drivers. A number of simple business measurement tools were put in place to help the existing management team understand the key issues to be addressed. Monthly, structured, data driven management meetings were established which highlighted the cultural and mindset changes which needed to occur in order to maintain the growth. Additional management roles were identified and new staff with complimentary management styles, put in place. Job descriptions for all management roles were defined as was a comprehensive appraisal scheme.

    In November 2006, the business agreed three year objectives which included strategies for

  • organic and acquisitive growth
  • customer driven innovative product development
  • staff development
  • reducing carbon footprint
  • These strategies form the basis for departmental KPI’s, objectives and management bonuses and are already bearing fruit.

    In 2003 the Rafiki Protection Limited made a significant investment in its IT infrastructure by implementing an enterprise wide ERP system. The Rockfield Partnership identified a number of areas where further use of this system would benefit the growth of the business. An implementation team is now in place to introduce new customer facing and EDI modules to the overall ERP solution that will significantly improve the efficiency of the business.

    During the project the Rockfield Partnership also provided market analysis, due diligence and other advisory services related to the acquisition of Santana Limited. This company, now renamed as Santana Solutions Limited develops and markets an integrated building management system “front-end” solution which complements the Rafiki Protection product offering.

    Commenting on The Rockfield Partnership’ contribution to both businesses, Phil Witts (Director) said “our business needed structure, clarity of thought and external input in order to progress. I am delighted to say that The Rockfield Partnership was able to provide these as well as bringing a high degree of market knowledge to the table. We would not hesitate to use their services again”.

    The Rockfield Partnership would like to thank the management teams and staff of both Rafiki Protection Limited and Santana Solutions Limited for their commitment to and engagement in the project.

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