Recession over - time to recruit?

18 Sep 2009
Posted by admin

So the economic mood has switched from abject desperation 6 months ago to one of moderate optimism but founded on what? Yes the stock exchange is seeing a rally but even the most bullish investment houses acknowledge that this growth is founded on little more than the absence of bad news! Does this mean that we are headed for the “double dip” or “w” recession that has been the hallmark of previous recessions?
Certainly the business community is proceeding cautiously. After the gloom and doom media reporting earlier this year, redundancies appear to have slowed with the possible exception of the few businesses still using the recession as an excuse to downsize.
But what of the SME sector in the East Midlands? From my perspective, many of the businesses I work with are starting to see upturns in their order books and a renewed interest in goods and services. Whilst small business loans are hard to come by, they are now starting to trickle through thereby easing the burden on cash flow.
So is it time to start serious recruiting again? The short answer has to be no, but my advice would be to see as many potential recruits as possible. There are a number of very able yet unemployed people out there. If you can pick up a star of the future now, you will be rebuilding your business based upon solid foundations.
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